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4. Involvement of local community

Even though it might be outside the scope of our scenario, we feel that active involvement of local community is crucial to organize and maintain the local history learning motivation project, because the project involves multiple local actors and stakeholders. Their participation is key to setting up the necessary network that unites pupils, teachers, parents, local residents, local authorities and businesses (D.Sobel, Place-based Education: Connecting Classroom and Community, 2004).

In this part of our chapter we will consider more or less universal and scalable model of creating the network necessary for successful implementation of local history learning motivation project. Please note that in many cases in the real life the availability of ready connections will vary.

Local history receives low attention from the general public, despite the existence of special associations such as the British Association for Local History in Great Britain, National Register of Historic Places in the US, etc. In worst case, this may trigger lower financing and lower research activity, which leads to fewer sources (books, TV programs, etc.), illustrative material and fewer or underfunded contact points (major museums, history-related tourist attractions, etc.).

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