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Chapter 1


Scenario: A primary school history teacher would like to motivate his pupils to learn about local history, that seem to be quite uninteresting subject for the students. Teacher himself finds this topic really interesting and would like to have an opportunity to make the local history (for example the history of the nearby castle) reachable and interesting to the pupils as well. He also trusts that pupils get more interested in the subject when working together. How could the teacher create motivating learning context/space for his pupils? What kind of learning tasks the teacher should design in order to support their learning? How can the teacher ensure, that the pupils feel the topics personally meaningful? How could he utilize modern technology?
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Authors: Lyana Partzhetskaya, Polina Grigoreva, Vera Häkkilä, Steinar Halland Fretheim, Sigurd Ulimoen Myhre, Eivind Pilskog, Camilla Marie Skogen, Ida Elise Solhaug, Aleksei Günter

Tutor: Mikhail Fominykh (Norwegian University of Science and Technology - NTNU)

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