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Chapter 5


Scenario: University teacher has received feedback concerning the divergence between theory knowledge and practice in her course ‘Ethical issues in education’. She wants to develop such course where theory and practice are combined, ie. where students learn theory through practice. She wants to have some authentic cases and problems which students can solve together. What are the advantages of providing authentic case scenario in educational course and why? What kind of collaborative learning model a teacher can apply? How technology can serve students studying process and teacher’s work?
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Authors: Miguel Santiago, Fedor Levshenko, Petri Niskanen, Vegard Fossestøl, Milena Frtunic, Mladen Gligorijevic, Anne-sophie Gourlay, Mirko Guarnier

Tutor: Venla Vallivaara (University of Oulu)
email: venla.vallivaara(at)

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