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Cooperation Technology

General course description

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Department of Information and Computer Science


Course's homepage:

Teacher: Prof. Monica Divitini

Tutor: Mikhail Fominykh

Language of instruction: English

Level of course: MA

Assessment: Group project 70% + individual essay 30%

Course material: Lecture notes are available in the university Learning Management System. Students interested in getting more information are encouraged to contact the teacher or the tutor.

Learning Objectives

The course aims at giving students a basic knowledge of computer supported cooperative work (CSCW) and cooperation technology. After the course, students should be able to apply this knowledge to:

  • Compare and choose different solutions for supporting cooperative work
  • Design new cooperation technologies

Disciplinary skills:

  • Understanding of cooperative settings and how cooperation can be mediated by technology
  • Basic vocabulary of cooperation technologies
  • Knowledge about a sub-set of existing cooperation technology
  • Understanding of challenges to the adoption of cooperation technology in cooperative settings
  • Identification of emerging trends

Transferable skills:

  • Improved cooperation skill
  • Improved use of cooperation technology


The course combines traditional lectures, tutoring sessions, group and individual work. The course activities are organized to promote reflective learning, supporting students in experiencing different collaborative situations and reflecting on them, in terms of collaborative patterns and use of technology.

The project, counting for 70% of the final grade, is organized in three sub-tasks, aiming at construction of knowledge about cooperation and technology. The last task of the project will be implemented in collaboration with Oulu University and TU. In this part the students will collaboratively write a chapter to a handbook for educators.

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