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5.2 Inclusion criteria

We have decided to include a few selection criteria to guide our choice of tools. Our goal is that the tools provided should be available to a wide range of primary school teachers, at low cost and minimum need of training in addition to basic computer knowledge. Beforehand knowledge of the tools is no necessity. This is an important aspect to us, considering the results of our field study. The tools must be fairly intuitive to use, as the teachers feel they don’t have too much experience from their background. This is also important because the focus for the pupils should be on learning, not on learning the tool. The pupils and the teacher might also learn the new tool together. This could create more collaborative and reciprocal roles in the classroom, spanning even longer than the learning period. (Fairman, 2004).

Specifically, our criteria state that the tools should:

  • Be free-of-charge
  • Require no more than low to medium skill level
  • Work cross-platform
  • Provide intuitive graphical user interface

Some tools require additional equipment such as a video camera or smart-phone to work optimally. Information about this is found in the section of the given tools.

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