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Interview with Sølvi Børstad, a Norwegian IT teacher

Note: Interview answers translated from Norwegian to English by Chapter 3 authors

1. What kind of e-learning systems do you already use at your school?

At our school we use Fronter and Oppad (a system to enter grades, absenteeism and notifications).

2. Are you able to choose the tools you use yourself, or are they chosen based on a centralized government decision out of your control?

No, the entire county uses the same system - the decision for this system is made centrally and I as a teacher have no influence on the choice of the system.

3. How many e-learning systems have you used since you became a teacher?

Only the two mentioned under question 1.

4. How often do they change?

Rarely - there are only updates within the same systems.

5. Do you use online submission for the students' homework assignments in any capacity? If yes, why, and if no, why not?

Both tests (digital) and assignments that are to be delivered online are put in files in Fronter. There, all submissions are in the  same folder and can easily be printed out if this is necessary. The system also incluides the possiblity to add comments to the file as well as comment directly in the students’ submission.

6. Do you use a online system to distribute information to the students?

In our organization Outlook (mail) is chosen as the information channel between student and teacher. The calendar is also used. Some also use SMS. In Oppad there is a function for sending SMS to the students.

7. How many students have smartphones?

I believe all students has one of those.

8. Do you think it would be useful to use smartphones in your classes, or would it be to much of a distraction?

I can’t quite imagine what such a phone can be used for per today, but if there is a use for it I would be in support of it.

9. How many students does a regular class consists of?

An IT-group can be up to 28 students. Today I have a group of 26 students.

10. How big is your school? How many students attend your school? How many new students come each year?

At our school we have 1200 students and 135 teachers. Every year we recieve approx. 400 new students.

11. Have you experienced any privacy issues with your software?


12. Is there any functionality that you as a teacher would like to implement? Any requirements or needs you need filled?

It should be possible to block the students from the computer’s hard drive during tests. We also struggle with the options for communications. Even if the school’s network is closed, students can connect by using for example their cellphones.

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