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Weblogs and Blogging

A Weblog, or blog, is a webiste that consist of entries (posts) that are usually diplayed in reverse chronological order (first post is the most recent one). Blogs can be themed on a single subject or be a personal online diary, or there are blogs that are written by large number of authors and are professionally edited. Blogs are mostly interactive as it is possible to leave comments to posts, to use the RSS feed, and blogs can be seen as social networking, as there are networks created between readers and other bloggers.

  •  is similar to Wordpress, Blogger is blog-publishing service that allows private or multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries.
  • is a social network for blogs, journals and diaries. 
  •  is a simple blogging platform. Posterous allows additionally posting of content directly to one's blog via e-mail.
  • is a blogging service. is currently used by many large organizations and media companies to host their weblog, such as ABCMSNBC, the CBC, the BBC and Sky News
  • is a community website that allows users to create pages (called lenses) for subjects of interest. Lenses are much like blog posts, except they're on a single subject.

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