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1. Introduction

At first glance, local history may lack the scale and fascination of global and even national history. Hometown surroundings are often taken for granted and considered dull. However, once you start unveiling the links between local and global events, things start to look much more interesting. Modern technology is there to make the learning process more efficient and fun.

Chapter 1 considers a scenario, under which a primary school teacher wishes to raise motivation among pupils who lack interest towards local history. The chapter considers creation of a motivating learning context and tasks to support learning by combining classic teaching technique with modern tools such as social networks and interactive learning environments.

First we look into the nature of the history lesson, consider existing motivation theories and ways to raise the level of interest. We then move on to using computer technology in history lessons and have a look at the involvement of local community.

While the age of primary school pupils may vary in different countries, it is commonly somewhere in the range of 6 to 13 years. The following chapter focuses on children aged from 7 to 12 years old for the sake of utilizing maximum potential of computer technology during the studies.

Keywords: local history, interactive learning environment, motivation, primary school.


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