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Learning Theory and Pedagogical Use of Technology

University of Oulu
Learning and Educational Technology Research Unit (LET)


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The course includes three theoretical points of view on learning and the support of learning, i.e., self-regulated learning, collaborative learning, and the acquisition of expertise. A central topic of examination is the potential of different technologies to support learning and collaborative knowledge construction. In this course, the student will be introduced to different collaborative learning models and themes related to the guidance and evaluation of learning.


  • Self-regulated learning: Motivation and learning strategies in technology-supported environments
  • Collaborative learning, Computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL) and collaborative learning models
  • Learning of expertise
  • Possibilities of supporting learning offered by technology
  • Planning technology-supported learning, guiding, and evaluating learning

Learning Objectives

After this course, the student can

  • identify the theoretical learning-related principles that form the basis of technology-supported studying and teaching
  • define self-regulated learning, collaborative learning, and the acquisition of expertise on a conceptual level, as well as describe the relationships of those concepts 
  • justify the utilization of technology as support for learning from the point of view of learning research
  • evaluate various collaborative learning models as supports for the learning sciences
  • describe the basics of planning, supporting, and evaluating a learning process in a technology-based learning environment


The course will be implemented in two parts. The first part focuses on the theory of learning and it consists of lectures, reading, study circles and tests that are all implemented locally. The second part will be implemented in international collaboration with NTNU and TU.

PART 1: Learning Theory

PART 2: Pedagogical use of Technology

The second part of the course will be implemented in collaboration with NTNU and TU. In this part the students will collaboratively write a chapter to a handbook for educators.

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