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5.8 Reflection tools

In order to improve work and collaborative tools, the pupils should reflect on the process of their learning. By re-evaluating their experience they can find new perspectives and also commit to action to their experiences. (B. Krogstie, lecture slides, 2012)

5.8.1 The Nabaztag rabbit

A Nabaztag rabbit indicates the mood in a work room. It reflects the tension that is there, but often unspoken of. It will therefore let the pupils be aware of how they are working at any given time. How to use it

The Nabaztag rabbit has two indications that the pupils will notice. First, its ears will indicate the valency or intensity in the room. If the belly turns red, the room is indicated as being really intense or have high arousal. This is not sustainable in the long run, but can be necessary for shorter periods of time. If the belly is more towards a blue color, there is little intensity in the room. The second indication concerns valence or whether the mood is negative or positive. If positive, the ears will be directed straight up. Value for history learning

This type of tool is valuable for pupils as they become more aware of their work process. In a discussion things can get really intense. If the group is not aware of this, they can get stressed as they believe they are working at a normal rate. An indicator like the rabbit will help them to always be aware of how they are acting towards each other and also help them to redirect their temper if necessary. Also, the appealing look of the rabbit makes it a fun tool to use in their school work.

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